Top 8 Most Beautiful Beaches

CNN, Lonelyplanet, and other dedicated travel websites have given distinction to the following beaches, which boast of stunning views, soft sand, and IG-worthy photos.

  1. El Nido
  2. Coron
  3. Boracay
  4. Samal Islands
  5. Panglao Island
  6. Puerto Galera
  7. Palaui Island
  8. Pagudpud

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Traveler Stories

Kharissa Lim

Former Marketing/Brand Manager
Imagine this: you get to travel the world both for work and for leisure. All you have to do is to fulfill your responsibilities, and you're good to go exploring anywhere, anytime you want! And if that's not enticing enough for you, imagine someone paying for all your trip's expenses. You get paid to fulfill your job and travel overseas while gathering beautiful memories on the road. We're not talking about cabin crews this time. We're referring to the lucky ones who have "traveling" hooked into their job descriptions. Those people like our traveler in the spotlight today, Kharis... read more »

Rach David

The Entreprenuer
To discover the true charm of the world, one must be willing to take a risk. To jump into the next plane flight to a remote destination with no fear of the unknown. To swim across the ocean and experience the world underwater while the darkness embraces you. To get lost in a new country and feel the new culture seeping through your perspective of life. Entrepreneur Rach David from Las Piñas is no stranger to taking risks. Being a passionate digital entrepreneur and an experienced traveler, she has been exploring the world and life in general for 34 years now. If you were to ask a... read more »

Jodie Pajaro

Cabin Crew
Getting paid while traveling the world. Now that sounds like a dream, isn't it? For cabin crew Jodie Pajaro, that dream became her reality - she gets to enjoy the world while working her dream profession as a cabin crew. Jodie used to work for Philippine Airlines (PAL) before the pandemic drove flights to a hiatus. She's a frequent visitor to the land of the free, US, and the city of love, Paris. She's married to a pilot, and they were blessed with two wonderful kids. She's turned to baking in the meantime as a hobby and a means to earn for her family. But she never loses hope t... read more »

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