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Explore the Philippines better with Maqotana.

Planning your travels just got easier. With Maqotana's curated listings, travel boards, and easily searchable content, you'll have a blast creating your itinerary — and you might stumble on delightful hidden gems, too, that go beyond the typical tourist experience.

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We've done all the gruelling research and analyzed various sources, from blog posts to locals, so you won't have to spend a long time investigating. We know that it's a lot — the Philippines is such a diverse country — and we're refining and adding information here every day!

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Travel Boards

Also called to-do list or bucket list, to help you bookmark all the places and experiences that interest you.


Create Your Own Travel Board

A travel board is a list of destinations that you can customize as much as you want. You can also add notes—perfect for giving yourself reminders on your next trip, or for jotting down travel memories. Another functionality is sharing, so feel free to send it to friends and family, too!


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Click this button to conveniently copy somebody else's list.


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Add, remove, or update items to your liking. Add notes as necessary.


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Check off places one by one as you travel and turn your list into a reality.


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Get directions and know where to go next while you're on the road.

Keep Track of Your Travels

You can have your own Philippine map that depicts the places you've been to. Every time you visit a destination featured in Maqotana, the corresponding province gets shaded orange on your map.

The Philippines has 81 provinces, so it'll be quite the feat to visit all of them. Party's on us if you color your map completely orange!

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Go Local, Talk Local

English is the main language for this platform, but we've also added a few local dialects such as Kampampangan—and, of course, ever-popular Taglish.

Other major dialects coming soon!

A Productivity Tool for Travel

To travel is to face the unfamiliar, but this doesn’t have to be stressful. Maqotana is geared towards making travel more efficient and fun for you, from suggesting places for your itinerary to automatically providing map directions. This way, you can savor the full experience by enjoying more and thinking less.

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