About us


Maqotana is Philippine’s most comprehensive travel guide. It is a travel curation platform that features destinations all over the Philippines, from all-time favorite tourist spots to hidden, undiscovered destinations.

Maqotana features detailed information about each province in the Philippines and allows its users to compile their own collection of places that they want to visit. The users can also read about reviews and recommendations made by other travellers who have been to these places. On top having a comprehensive travel guide, users can use Maqotana as a platform to invite their friends to join and plan their trips.

With Maqotana’s curated listings and collections, planning your next trip becomes fun, convenient, and easy.

Our Mission and Vision

We believe that travel expands an individual’s horizon and nourishes its soul, and sometimes the adventure that you’re looking for is closer to home than you’d think. The Philippines is made up of 17 regions and more than 7,107 beautiful islands. With so much variation and richness in culture, great food, natural sights, plus vibrant festivals, Maqotana wants every traveller to experience all these.

"Maqotana" comes from the Kampampangan phrase ‘mako tana’, which means ‘let’s go!’ That pretty much captures our mission: to invite travellers to rediscover the beauty of the Philippines and meet the diverse and ever-expanding community of explorers.

Maqotana wants to help each traveller to save time and money by helping you plan ahead and make the most of out the time and budget you have for travelling.