Bataan Travel Guide

Itinerary, Things to do, How to get there and more

Founded in 1754 by Governor General Pedro Manuel Arandia, Bataan is a province located in Central Luzon Region occupying the entire Bataan Peninsula. It is composed of 1 city and 11 municipalities; with Balanga City as its capital and is surrounded by Bagac bay, Subic Bay and the Manila Bay. Bataan figured significantly in World War II as one of the last stands of the American and Filipino soldiers before they were overpowered by the Japanese forces. The infamous Bataan Death March was named after this historical province where the arduous march started. Its main industry is agriculture even though the province is facing continuous industrialization in the last 8-12 years. Tagalog is the predominant language with some areas speaking Ilocano.

Where to go in Bataan

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Balon Anito

Balon-Anito, Freeport Area of Bataan Mariveles, Bataan, Central Luzon, 2105, Philippines

Bataan National Park

City Of Balanga (capital), Bataan, Central Luzon, 2100, Philippines

How to Get Here

Getting Here
By land: Bataan is just 2-3 hours away from Manila depending on the traffic. The province is within reach via a public or private transportation. Bus companies servicing Bataan are:
Bataan Transit
Victory Liner

These buses have terminals in Pasay, Avenida and Cubao with fare around Php 170.00 – Php 200.00 and can go as high as Php 350.00, depending if the bus is ordinary or air-conditioned and your point of destination.

By air: The Subic Bay International Airport or SBIA in Mabayo, Morong operates as the secondary airport and a diversion airport of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It serves the area of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and the nearby Olongapo.

By sea: The 1 Bataan Integrated Transport System Inc operates the Manila-Bataan Ferry Boat which started last December of 2017. It travels from Manila to Orion and shortens the travel time to only 1 hour. It can carry 108 passengers with terminals located in Esplanade – Seaside Terminal MOA and Port Capinpin, Orion. Online booking fare is only Php 450.00 while walk-in fare is Php 799.00.

Popular Food

A best-seller treat or pasalubong from the town of Balanga is the savory smoked fish or ‘tinapa’. A delicacy in the province, milkfish or ‘bangus’ in local tongue, is the top choice for smoked fish. It is sold at the market stalls in Balanga City; best served with tomatoes, eggs and fried rice for a hearty breakfast.

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One of Bataan’s specialties, araro cookies are made from the arrowroot crops that gives it a unique chalky texture.

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One of Orani, Bataan’s delectable dishes is the ‘adobong alimango’ or stewed mud crabs. A serving of piping hot rice will surely be not enough for this sinfully good viand.

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Best Time to Go

Bataan is a nice destination the whole year round. But skip the rainy months of July to September because the province is prone to flooding; while the months of November to May are dry months.

Holy Week packs a lot crowds because the province is known for staging “senakulo’, a traditional Pinoy dramatization of the life and death of Jesus Christ. The Pawikan Festival, also a crowd drawer and an anticipated event of the province, is held yearly on the last Sunday of November and is one of the reasons to go and visit Bataan before the Christmas season.

When planning to trek the mountains, coordinate first with the local tourism officer for the details. Light, casual clothing are recommended when exploring the province and put on sunscreen especially when hitting the beach.

What to Do

See its rugged beauty
Bataan;s seascapes and landscapes are simply divine. Its unspoiled beaches and coves, sprawling mountains and rich, nature sanctuaries offer a relaxing and unadulterated spot near the city.
See the different historical markers
The many different historical markers in Bataan are touching reminders of the province’s role in shaping the history of our country. They are also great reminders of the many Filipino and American soldiers who gave up their lives in defending Bataan.

Estimated Costs

Estimated Cost per Person
Getting around
Tricycle and jeepney are the main transportations in going around the province. When hiring a tricycle to go to a tourist spot, don’t forget to haggle for the best price.

Affordable – Php 740.00
Mid-range – Php 1,300.00
Splurge – Php 7,000.00

Inexpensive – Php 80.00
Mid price – Php 175.00

Tourist Attraction Entrance Fee
Starts at Php 20.00

Average price per day
Php 1,700.00 – Php 2,000.00