Negros Occidental Travel Guide

Itinerary, Things to do, How to get there and more

The second most populated province in the Visayas Region, Negros Occidental or Western Negros is a province in the Western Visayas facing Guimaras Island and Iloilo. It is known as the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines” for being the country’s biggest sugar producer. Originally called “Buglas”, it was the Spaniards who gave the name “Negros” because of the dark-skinned natives they found living in the island. Negros Occidental occupies the northwestern half of the Negros Island, with Negros Oriental taking up the other half. Its capital is the populated city of Bacolod, the province’s center of commerce and finance and popularly known as “The City of Smiles”. The leading spoken language is Hiligaynon or colloquially known as “Ilonggo”.

Where to go in Negros Occidental

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Acapulco Summer Resort

Barangay Mahalang City Of Himamaylan, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6108, Philippines

Alinsayawan Falls

San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6127, Philippines

Bacolod Public Plaza

Plazamart Bacolod City (capital), Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6100, Philippines

Bago City Hall

Gonzales St. Brgy. Poblacion Bago City, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6101, Philippines

Balay Alibangbang

Hacienda Tagud Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6121, Philippines

Balay Daku Ancestral House

La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6130, Philippines

Balay Dolid

Valladolid, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6103, Philippines

Balay Negrense

Cinco De Noviembre Street Barangay III Silay City, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, 6116, Philippines

How to Get Here

By air
From Manila or Cebu, Negros Occidental is only less than an hour away through its capital city, Bacolod. From these destinations, one has to take a flight to Bacolod-Silay International Airport. To get to the city, take a taxi with fare that can costs up to Php 500.00, a shuttle van with fare of Php 150.00 or a jeepney with Php 60.00 fare. Flight from Manila takes about 50 minutes, while flight from Cebu is only 30 minutes. Airline tickets cost around Php 2,000.00 per way.

There are several airline companies flying to Bacolod-Silay International Airport such as:

Philippine Airlines - 5 flights daily Manila-Bacolod
1 flight daily Cebu-Bacolod

Cebu Pacific - 6 flights daily Manila-Bacolod
3 flights daily Cebu-Bacolod
1 flight daily CDO-Bacolod

Air Philippines
By land
Bacolod is just 5 to 6 hours away from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. It is also within reach by a combination of sea and land travel from Cebu via Escalante City.
By sea
The province is an 18-hour cruise from the port of Manila via the shipping vessel 2Go Travel. Boat fares starts from Php 2,330.00. From Iloilo, Negros Occidental is just an hour boat ride by fast ferries.

Popular Food

Another associated delicacy with Bacolod City is this sweet delicacy called ‘piyaya’. Also spelled as ‘piaya’, this is a flaky, thin bread with muscovado sugar and yam or caramel as its filling and with sesame seeds sprinkled on its outer sides and cooked by toasting on the griddle.

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Considered as a delicacy in Cadiz City, buriring is a small fish in the family of puffer fish. Burirings are said to be edible when they reach a definite age. In Cadiz City, they only caught burirings during the months of July and August. Burirings is cooked with santol, guava or libas leaves.

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A favourite of the locals and the visitors, napoleones is a dessert equivalent to France’s Mille-feuille. As popular as inasal, napoleones was brought by a French national and the people of Bacolod learned the secret of making this delicious custard filled pastry topped with sugar glazing and the rest was history, as they say. A perfect pasalubong for somebody who has sweet tooth.

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A scrumptious spring roll is a must-try when in this city. Lumpiang Bacolod is made of coconut tree heart, pork and shrimp, garnish with scallions and wrapped in thin see-through crepes. What makes it different from the other lumpia is that Bacolod’s version has its sauce drizzled inside the wrapper.

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Best Time to Go

Negros Occidental receives many visitors during the month of October when the celebrated Masskara Festival is held. It is a major tourist attraction which features street dancing of masked dancers joyfully swaying to the tempo of Latin beats.

Summer is another popular time to go and explore the province. With its numbers of fine beaches, historical landmarks and natural hidden gems, Negros Occidental is a pleasant destination during the dry season. Another reason of the influx of tourists during this season is the “Panaad sa Negros Festival”, known to be “The Mother of all Festivals” in Negros, held in the month of April. Just be ready to put on sunblock and wear light clothing while checking out the province’s cities and remote areas.

What to Do

Food Trip
Indulge in sugary goodies, inasal and fresh seafood. Negros Occidental, especially the capital city, has a huge selections of restaurants where you one can have a hearty gastronomic adventure. Options for ‘pasalubongs’ are the favorites piyaya, barquillos and napoleones.
Immerse in History
The cities of Negros Occidental have streets that are bursting with heritage houses and well-kept landmarks worthy of your time and attention. Dubbed as the “Paris of Negros”, Silay City for instance, will take you back in time with its streets lined with beautiful ancestral houses that make a good sightseeing tour. The province is rich in historical structures which are all a remembrance of a once affluent way of life.
Explore the Province’s Diversity
Discover the scenic lagoons of Danjugan Island or swim in the crystal clear waters of Campomanes Bay. See Codcod Rice Terraces, a panoramic landscape reminiscent of Mountain Province’s rice terraces located in San Carlos City, a first-class city in the province of Negros Occidental. Uncover Mamara Cave, a massive cave with large dripstones and big lake inside it.

Estimated Costs

Negros Occidental is quite easy to reach from the different key points in Luzon and Visayas Region. Commercial shipping vessels and airlines serve the province. It is also accessible through buses that provide services to and from the various destinations within the province. Jeepneys and tricycles are the best options and the cheapest way to explore Negros Occidental. Depending on your place of destination, tricycle fare can starts at Php 20.00 per head while a jeepney ride starts at Php 7.00. Cabs or taxis are a plenty in the city that can take you to any destination within the region.
There are affordable pension houses and inns with accommodation prices that start from Php 528.00 per person. A stay in a luxury resort costs Php 3,000.00 a night.
Php 120.00 – Php 250.00 per meal
Tourist Attraction Entrance Fee
Starts at Php 100.00
Average Price per Day
Php 1,800.00 – Php 2, 300.00