Romblon Travel Guide

Itinerary, Things to do, How to get there and more

Romblon, known for its nickname as The Marble Capital of the Philippines, is an archipelago province composed of 3 major islands – Tablas, the province’s largest island, Sibuyan and Romblon. It belongs to Luzon’s MIMAROPA Region but geographically situated in Visayas. Founded in 1901, the province's early inhabitants were the Negritos from Panay and Mangyan Tribes from Mindoro. There are 17 municipalities and 17 dialects in Romblon. Its capital, also named Romblon, is found on Romblon Island. Marinduque, Mindoro, Panay and Masbate are its nearby islands. Agriculture is the province main industry with coconut as the most cultivated crop in the area. On the other hand, fishing is Romblon’s major enterprise as it is surrounded by water on all sides. Romblon is blessed with truly captivating landscapes and seascapes waiting to be discovered. It is home to the Galapagos of Asia (Sibuyan Island) and its marble is comparable to the world’s best.

Where to go in Romblon

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Aglicay Beach

Barangay Comod-om Alcantara, Romblon, MIMAROPA, 5509, Philippines

Binucot Beach

Tablas Island Romblon (capital), Romblon, MIMAROPA, 5500, Philippines

How to Get Here

Getting There
By air: The Tugdan Airport in Tablas is the entryway to the province by plane. Cebu Pacific has a direct flight from Manila to Tablas every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. From the airport, get a ride to Odiongan Port and take a ferry ride going to Romblon Island.

By sea: Aside from taking a plane from Manila to Tablas, the island province can also be reached via RORO from Batangas Port. There are several shipping lines that serve the Batangas-Romblon route and travel time usually takes 10 hours.

Montenegro Shipping Lines
Montenegro ports of call in Romblon include:
Odiongan – daily trip from Monday to Sunday at 5PM; Regular Fare Php 762.00
Romblon – departs daily, Monday to Sunday at 5PM; Regular Fare Php 954.00
Romblon-Magdiwang, Romblon – daily trip at 7:30AM; Regular Fare Php 228.00
Romblon-Odiongan, Romblon – daily trip at 12NOON; Regular Fare Php 320.00
Romblon-San Agustin, Romblon – departs daily at 12:30NOON; Regular Fare Php 96.00
San Agustin-Sibuyan Island – daily trip at 6AM; Regular Fare Php 324.00

MV Princess Annavell
Leaves Batangas Port every Thursday and Saturday at 4PM. Fare is Php 840.00 for deluxe accommodation.

MV Miss Romblon
Services the ports of Romblon, Odiongan and Sibuyan. Ticket fare is Php 700.00 for Odiongan and Romblon and Php 900.00 for Sibuyan. Both fares are for deluxe accommodation.

Popular Food

These are colorful edible shellfish cooked with coconut milk and eaten with an aid of pin instead of sucking out its meat.

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It is pork meat and intestines cooked in vinegar. It is like “dinuguan” but without the blood.

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This is Romblon’s version of laing, but uses fresh gabi leaves. It is cooked until the leaves are reduced into a pastry-like texture. It is also not spicy like the one cooked in Bicol.

Found only in Romblon, sarsa is a savory dish made from small shrimps or urang, mixed with young coconut, chilli and other spices. It is then wrapped in coconut leaves and simmered in coconut milk. Sarsa is best paired with hot rice.

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What to Do

Pay a visit to the province’s marble factories
Being known for its marble, there are many marble factories scattered around town where one can take a look at how these huge blocks of marble are made into beautiful statues, souvenirs, chairs, tables, to name a few.
Go on a food trip
The province is blessed with an abundant bounty from the sea and other local dishes to discover. Eat to your heart’s delight and enjoy all the taste this island has to offer. Don’t forget to also try the several restaurants and eateries to fully know Romblon’s gastronomic offerings.
Visit the beautiful beaches
Romblon has lovely beaches for every kind of beach bums out there. Bask in the sun or get yourself a beautiful tan that will make all your friends green with envy.