Siquijor Travel Guide

Itinerary, Things to do, How to get there and more

Described as the Philippines’ mystical island, Siquijor is an island province found in the Visayas Region. It was called Isla del Fuego or Island of Fire by the Spaniards because of the eerie glow of the island which came from the swamps of fireflies that flocked in the many molave trees on the island. Siquijor is the 3rd smallest province in the Philippines, both in terms of population and land area. It is composed of 6 municipalities and it’s provincial capital bears the same name as the island province, Siquijor. Siquiijodnons, its townspeople, speak Cebuano as the province’s main language. The island has a reputation of being a place for witchcraft and sorcery that both scares and fascinates visitors. At present, Siquijor is fast becoming a favourite destination for local and international travelers looking for hidden, beautiful and uncrowded natural wonders.

Where to go in Siquijor

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Cambugahay Falls

Siquijor Circumferential Rd Lazi, Siquijor, Central Visayas, 6228, Philippines

Candaping Bay

Candaping Maria, Siquijor, Central Visayas, 6229, Philippines

Cang-isok house

Barangay Libo Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor, Central Visayas, 6230, Philippines

Cantabon Cave

Barangay Cantabon Siquijor (capital), Siquijor, Central Visayas, 6225, Philippines

How to Get Here

Getting There
By air:
From Manila -- The nearest airport to Siquijor is the Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport located in Dumaguete. PAL and Cebu Pacific have daily flights from Manila to Dumaguete City; travel time is 1 hour. Once in Dumaguete City, take a ride going to Dumaguete Port. The standard rate for a chartered tricycle is PHP 100.00; travel time is 30 minutes. From Dumaguete Port, take a ferry or boat bound for Siquijor. Fare starts from Php 130.00 – Php 230.00 depending on where in Siquijor you are going. Ferry departs every 2 hours.

By sea:
From Bohol – take a ferry in Tagbilaran going to Siquijor.

From Cebu – take a Ceres bus bound for Dumaguete City in South Bus Terminal in Cebu City.. Fare is around Php 330.00, including the ferry fare. Travel time takes 4-5 hours. Get off in Dumaguete City and head to Dumaguete Port. From the port, ride a fastcraft or ferry going to Siquijor. Fare for fastcraft is around Php 210.00, while Php 120.00 for ferry.

Popular Food

A popular pastry product of the province, torta or baked egg cupcake, is a simple, filling snack . This delicious dense bread, similar to mamon (mini chiffon cake), is made from flour, eggs, milk and uses tuba (coconut wine) as leavening agent.

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Siquijor produces tasty and affordable breads cooked in traditional clay oven. Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya is famous both with the locals and the island’s visitors. Mouth-watering choices from Lilibeth are salvaro, cheese bread, ensaimada, pan de leche, pan de coco and torta.

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A popular delicacy in the province, salawaki or sea urchin is eaten raw and usually paired with beer or alcoholic drink.

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What to Do

Explore the beaches
Siquijor has a number of beaches offering crystal clear waters and fine white without the noisy crowd. Go on a swimming or snorkeling adventure and enjoy the stillness of the place.
Venture on a road trip
There are motorcycle and scooter rental shops on the island that you can lease if you want to explore the province on your own. A tricycle with its driver can also be hired to bring you to different interesting spots in the province.
Experience fish spa
The famous Old Enchanted Balete Tree is fascinating and majestic in itself, being around for more than 400 years. What makes the spot interesting is the pond at the foot of the tree where hundreds of garra rufa (doctor fish) are kept and do the job of nibbling away the dead skin on one’s feet. Fish foot spa is always one of the popular things to do when in Siquijor.