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About Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a municipality in the northwest part of Oriental Mindoro and southwest of Isla Verde. Due to its accessibility to Manila and other points of origin for tourists, it quickly became a favorite holiday destination for travelers.

Its abundance of white-sand beaches, diverse marine life, and nature's sanctuary, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) named it as a Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1973 alongside Palawan and Albay. It was also named as one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World by Les Plus Belles Baies Du Monde club in Paris last 2005.

Puerto Galera's most famous beach is the White Beach, a long beach filled with white sand (hence the name). During peak season, tourists flock this pristine beach to enjoy aquatic activities or attend concerts and festivals.

Sabang Beach is also a popular beach destination for tourists in Puerto Galera, both foreign and local. Here, one can find the Small and Big La Laguna Beaches, which are all famous as the best swimming and snorkeling spots in the municipality.

Aside from the beaches, the municipality is also known for its scuba diving spots. From vibrant corals to shipwrecks to underwater caves, there's a lot to see and admire from their scuba diving and snorkeling tours.



When is the best time to visit Puerto Galera?

The best time to visit Puerto Galera is during the summer season, particularly from March to May. The sunny weather is perfect and local activities are at an all-time high.

If you want to experience the beaches and the sights of the municipality in a more peaceful setup, visit during the rainy season, from June to November. There might be occasional rains and bad weather, but the crowd is thinner during this time. Some accommodations may also offer discounts during this period.


How to get here

By Land

The most common and convenient way to reach Puerto Galera is to take a bus from Manila to Batangas Pier. There are plenty of bus lines offering daily trips to the pier, so you can always try your luck at terminals without booking a ticket. A one-way trip costs PHP 200.

You can also take your private vehicle and take the same route as the bus trips from Manila to Batangas Pier.

You can choose to leave your vehicle at the pier and take a ferry trip, or bring it with you via a RoRo trip.

By Sea

From the Batangas Pier, take a ferry on Terminal 3. A one-hour ferry trip costs around PHP 550. Your drop-off point will vary depending on your itinerary. Muelle Port is your destination if you're visiting Sabang Beach first. Otherwise, pier Balatero is your drop-off point to reach White Beach.

You can also take a fast craft trip on Terminal 3, but it won't drop you off straight to Puerto Galera. Instead, it will dock in Calapan Port. Ticket prices range depending on the age of the passenger(s).

Once you're at the Calapan Port, take a tricycle to the terminal for PHP 20/pax and take a van (PHP 100/pax; lasts one hour) or a jeep (PHP 80; lasts one and a half hour) to Puerto Galera.

By Air

If you want the fastest way to reach Puerto Galera from Manila, opt for Air Juan's seaplane trips. It costs way more than the other two travel options, but it would only take 30 minutes to reach the municipality. Air Juan offers round trip flights twice daily.


What languages do the locals speak?

Local residents speak Iraya and Tagalog. Most locals also understand English, at the very least, in bits and pieces.

How much does it cost to travel in Puerto Galera

A roundtrip bus fare from Manila to Batangas Pier costs PHP 400 ($8.24). From the pier, the roundtrip ferry to and from Puerto Galera costs PHP 550 ($11.32). If you choose to take a fast craft, check out these trip fares according to passenger classification:

  • Regular - PHP 360 ($7.41)
  • Senior Citizen - PHP 257.14 ($5.29)
  • PWD - PHP 288 ($5.93)
  • Student - PHP 306 ($6.30)
  • Minor - PHP 180 ($3.71)

You'll also need to pay a terminal fee of PHP 30 ($0.62) in Batangas Port, plus a PHP 40 ($0.82) terminal fee and a PHP 50 ($1.03) environmental fee in Puerto Galera.

Renting a boat for your island hopping tours cost around PHP 1800 - PHP 2000 ($37.06 - $41.18), good for six to eight persons. If you're going snorkeling, you'll need to pay an additional PHP 200 ($4.12) /pax for a smaller boat. Diving rates in Puerto Galera's dive spots cost around PHP 1300 ($26.77) /pax.

You can also rent a tricycle for PHP 800 ($16.47; maximum of three persons) that will tour you around Puerto Galera's famous sites such as the Tamaraw Falls, Virgin Beach, and Mangyan Village. Entrance fees and other miscellaneous fees are not included in the price.

If you're in a larger group, you might want to rent a multicab or jeepney instead for PHP 2000 ($41.18)  and above. Aside from the common destinations toured by rental tricycles, they'll also tour you in these destinations:

  • Hanging Bridge
  • Infinity Farm
  • Lantuyan Water Curtain
  • Tukuran Falls

Water sports in Puerto Galera offer packages that are good for large groups. The following are the rates for the water rides:

  • Unicorn: P2,500 ($51.47), good for 10 pax
  • King Cobra: P2,500 ($51.47), good for 10 pax
  • Flying Saucer: P2,000 ($41.18), good for 6 pax
  • Fly Fish: P1,500 ($30.88), good for 3 pax
  • Jetski: P2,000 ($41.18) per 15 minutes

Rice meals in eateries around Puerto Galera costs PHP 80 ($1.65). If you want something a little heavier for the stomach, you can allot PHP 150 ($3.09) /meal.

There's plenty of accommodation options in Puerto Galera suitable for every budget. Hotels and resorts offer rooms for an average of PHP 1000 - PHP 2000 ($20.59 - $41.18) per night.

All in all, a 3D2N trip for two at Puerto Galera can cost an average of PHP 11,720 ($241.30) or PHP 5,860 ($116.94) /pax, assuming you have:

  • Taken the bus from Manila to Batangas Pier and vice versa
  • Taken a ferry trip directly to Puerto Galera
  • Rented a boat for island hopping
  • Paid an additional fee for the paddle boat for snorkeling
  • Both taken a dive tour
  • Rented a tricycle for your land tour
  • Paid PHP 1500 per night on accommodation

Your two-person Palaui Island trip could cost an average of PHP 12,540 ($258.18) or PHP 6,270 ($129.09) /pax if you have:

  • Taken the bus from Manila to Batangas Pier and vice versa
  • Taken a fast craft from Batangas Pier to Calapan Port
  • Taken a tricycle from the port and a van trip to your accommodation in Puerto Galera
  • Rented a boat for island hopping
  • Paid an additional fee for the paddle boat for snorkeling
  • Both taken a dive tour
  • Rented a tricycle for your land tour
  • Paid PHP 1500 per night on accommodation


Do I need to avail a tour package to explore the islands?

No, a tour package is completely optional when visiting Puerto Galera.

How many days should I spend here?

A three-day-two-night stay at Puerto Galera is enough for you to explore all activities and sights it has to offer.



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