Chawa View Deck

Mahatao, Batanes, Cagayan Valley, 3901, Philippines

Chawa View Deck

A vista of azure waves crashing against the dramatic cliffs of Batanes await at Chawa Viewdeck. Located at the island of Mahatao, the viewdeck consists of stone benches and a grotto of the Virgin Mary. An ideal location for viewing the sun set over the horizon of the South China Sea. Man-made pools can also be found through descending a few steps from the viewdeck however, climbing back up may prove challenging for some.


Mahatao, Batanes, Cagayan Valley, 3901, Philippines

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Chawa View Deck located along the steep mountainside heading out of Basco and on the way to Mahatao. At the top is a grotto of the Virgin Mary and a few benches where you can sit and just admire the view. This spot is ideal for watching the sunset since... source:

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