Marlboro Country - Racuh Apayaman

Uyugan, Batanes, Cagayan Valley, 3903, Philippines

Marlboro Country - Racuh Apayaman

A visit to Batanes would not be complete without going to one of the most popular destinations in the whole province: Marlboro Country or Racuh A Payaman which means "big pasture". Located in Uyugan, the picturesque scenery of horses, carabaos, and other livestock grazing across the lush rolling hills beneath glorious northern skies is definitely one for the photo album.butterflies flutter around freely, a museum and art gallery, and intimate lectures about butterflies, entomology, and art.


Uyugan, Batanes, Cagayan Valley, 3903, Philippines

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Racuh A Payaman – Marlboro country

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