Where are the beaches in the Philippines?

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Asia’s Beach Capital

The Philippines has been dubbed by some as Asia’s Beach Capital — and no wonder, because our beaches and islands are flocked to by people from all over the world. Boracay is probably the most well-known, but Maqotana features 614 beaches that are practically paradise for travellers, surfing enthusiasts, and divers interested in marine biodiversity. Scroll through our report below to learn more. You’ll never run out of places to go!

All beaches in the Philippines

Beaches in the Provinces

Region 4-B has the greatest number of beaches. That’s not surprising, considering that it’s made up of island provinces: Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan. If we narrow it down to province, though, Misamis Oriental takes the top spot, with its abundance of 42 beaches (as well as rivers and springs).

Misamis Oriental
42 Beaches
41 Beaches
27 Beaches
27 Beaches
25 Beaches
Oriental Mindoro
21 Beaches
20 Beaches
Northern Samar
19 Beaches
19 Beaches
17 Beaches

List of the top most number of beaches in the Philippines

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

With so many beaches in a single archipelago, it can be difficult to choose the most beautiful! CNN, Lonelyplanet, and other dedicated travel websites have given distinction to the following beaches, which boast of stunning views, soft sand, and IG-worthy photos:

List of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the Philippines

Hidden Beaches

Love nature, but not a fan of crowds? Skip the popular destinations that everyone’s been to already and go for the more hidden, unspoiled beaches where you can relax in peace. Here’s a list that’ll take you along on an adventure—and don’t forget to bring a tent!

View All Hidden Beaches

List of hidden beautiful beaches in the Philippines

Colorful Sands

Beaches don’t necessarily come in the same color. Some of them have your usual brown sand, others pristine white, but there’s also exotic pink sand (courtesy of pink corals) and even beaches that have rocks and pebbles instead of sand! Choose your favorite, and visit these uniquely vibrant beaches.

List of white sand beaches in the Philippines

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