Rainy Day? Try These Indoor Activities Around Metro Manila

June’s here, and the skies are announcing it–hot, blustery summer is giving way to cold breezes and rainy downpours! Just because the weather demands an umbrella and waterproof shoes at all times doesn’t mean that you have no choice but to stay inside the house. Thanks to creativity (and the collective hunger for novel experiences), more indoor attractions have been popping up around Metro Manila, and they serve as welcome havens, whether it’s rain or shine outside. Continue reading “Rainy Day? Try These Indoor Activities Around Metro Manila”

Must-Try: Quirky Ice Cream Treats in the Philippines

Photo Credit: Drowning Equilibriums

It’s been exceptionally sunny these past few months, and it’s natural to drink your way through several bottles of water or crave for ice-cold refreshments all the time! Classic desserts such as halo-halo, sago’t gulaman, and even good ol’ dirty ice cream are in demand. Up for something different? Here are quirky ice cream treats all over the Philippines that you probably never knew existed, even though they’re perfect for summer:

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The Future of Travel is Bright: Pinoy Edition

Travel has come a long way since the time of our grandparents: what was once a three-day trek has been reduced to a six-hour bus trip, and unfamiliar places are readily available for viewing with a few clicks on our screen. Even 30 years ago, remote countries remained a mystery for most people, who could only imagine them through books, movies, and pen pal letters–unlike today, when we have access to comprehensive travel guides.

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Boracay’s Closed: Here’s Where to Go Instead

By Alexey Komarov, CC BY 3.0

To say that people were surprised is an understatement. When it was announced that Boracay would be closing for six months starting April 26 because of issues with environmental sustainability, at least 700,000 bookings from all over the world were cancelled, and Boracay-based businesses and employees had to adapt fast. Luckily for travelers, the Philippines has a ton of other islands and beaches that are as spectacular as Boracay but not as thrust into the limelight. Our comprehensive travel guide features several Boracay alternatives, with a mix of both famous tourist spots and hidden gems: Continue reading “Boracay’s Closed: Here’s Where to Go Instead”

Traveling in the Philippines: Hotel, Hostel, or Airbnb?

The most exciting part of planning a trip is deciding which places you’ll visit–but where you’ll be staying (and sleeping) is also pretty important, to the extent that it can make or break your trip. There are so many options now, mostly reachable through a single click or a phone call: hotels, hostels, and Airbnb. Confused about what to choose? Our comprehensive travel guide tackles not only travel destinations, but also accommodations. We break down the pros and cons for each accommodation type here:

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4 Affordable Overnight Beach Adventures for Less Than Php 2,000

With the recent shutdown of Boracay starting last April 26, a lot of people have lost their favorite island to visit. But did you know that there are also some amazing and beautiful beaches right around Metro Manila, some even as close as 3 hours away! These beaches are easily accessible via land trips or in some cases where you have to take a boat. By choosing basic accommodations by bringing tents or camping, these trips can only cost you Php 2,000 or less! Check out more of these amazing beaches from our comprehensive travel guide. Continue reading “4 Affordable Overnight Beach Adventures for Less Than Php 2,000”

5 Hidden Gem Destinations in the Philippines for Summer

Summer is coming into full blast. If the humid, sunny days don’t tip you off, then you’re probably feeling it from the travel bug going around, or this deep-seated need to explore and enjoy a vacation, even if only for a few days. We’ve drawn from our comprehensive travel guide to give you five hidden gem destinations in the Philippines that you can go to this summer. Tagaytay, Palawan, Coron, and Baguio are already pretty famous, but our list highlights places off the beaten track–and you might just fall in love with them this summer: Continue reading “5 Hidden Gem Destinations in the Philippines for Summer”

Neptune Manila: A Waterpark EDM Fest for Summer 2018

A new music festival is on its way this summer. Get ready to have a good time–in more ways than one–at Neptune Manila, where the well-rounded EDM lineup guarantees several hours of dancing. Here’s an added twist that’s perfect for the season: the venue will be Splash Island, the biggest waterpark in the Philippines. Not only do you get to bliss out to beats from some of the best local DJs, you can also brave the water for double the fun. Continue reading “Neptune Manila: A Waterpark EDM Fest for Summer 2018”

9 Historic Churches in Central Luzon for Your Visita Iglesia

Holy Week is drawing near, and and for Catholics, that means a one-week break to step back from daily life and reflect. It’s almost as if the world slows down: restaurants are closed, your work inbox is blessedly empty, and travel plans are announced from all corners. One favorite tradition is the Visita Iglesia, where you make a low-key pilgrimage to 7 or 14 churches, covering all the 14 Stations of the Cross.

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