4 Affordable Overnight Beach Adventures for Less Than Php 2,000

With the recent shutdown of Boracay starting last April 26, a lot of people have lost their favorite island to visit. But did you know that there are also some amazing and beautiful beaches right around Metro Manila, some even as close as 3 hours away! These beaches are easily accessible via land trips or in some cases where you have to take a boat. By choosing basic accommodations by bringing tents or camping, these trips can only cost you Php 2,000 or less! Check out more of these amazing beaches from our comprehensive travel guide.

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Silanguin Cove, Zambales

There are two other coves in this area that have already gathered quite some popularity; these are Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove. Aside from these two already famous destinations, there is also one that is just as majestic and beautiful, this is the Silanguin Cove. Compared to the two other coves, Silanguin Cove is more secluded and private since more people flock to Anawangin and Nagsasa. Smooth ash-gray sand and calm waters with a closer and more picturesque view of the mountains makes this paradise a perfect place to just lie amongst the stars and share stories with your friends and loved ones.

Grab some tents because camping is your best bet for an overnight stay in Silanguin Cove. You can choose to buy pre-cooked food at the nearby market or you can also choose to cook your food yourselves for a more intimate time together. Rates for boats going to Silanguin are Php 2,500 which you can split with your group. Once you get there, you are also required to pay an environmental fee of Php 20. A small price to pay for the peace and tranquility you’ll find here.

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Liwliwa Beach, Zambales

Like Silanguin Cove, the glorious Liwliwa Beach also boasts a shore of fine sand that seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. This makes it perfect for finding your own quiet spot where you can choose to just spend some alone time watching the waves crash along the ash-gray shore. The pine-like agoho trees line up the shore with a beautiful mountain backdrop that makes sunrises and sunsets look like those wonderful Windows XP wallpapers.

The clear waters also provide the perfect waves for surfing which makes the beach a must-go destination for surfers. For everyone who wants to try and learn surfing, there are local instructors who offer lessons for around Php 400 while skim-boarding lessons are roughly at Php 250.

There are campsites along the beach where you can pitch a tent for Php 100 or you can pick a more formal dorm accommodation starting at Php 500. Meals are also really affordable at below Php 100 at the local carinderias.

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Calatagan, Batangas

Boracay‘s closure is no threat to the fans of Batangas‘ own version of the world-class beach. Known for its pristine white sand while being absolutely accessible to Metro Manila, Calatagan has steadily undergone commercialization as the years have gone by although, you can still find spots where you can pitch a tent and sleep under the stars for a very affordable overnight fee.

The fine white sand shifts and form mini sand islands along with the rise and fall of the tide. You can enjoy watching the gorgeous sunset from the horizon of this peaceful beach and just celebrate life with the people you love.

There is also an option to visit the nearby islands on a boat for Php 500 per person while accommodation in the resorts can cost about Php 3,000 a night which you can split within your group.

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Isla Verde, Batangas

Another wonderful beach destination can be found just 30 to 60 minutes off the coast of Batangas while still being part of the province. This destination is called Isla Verde or Verde Island. If Calatagan was like Batangas‘ own Boracay, then Isla Verde is Batangas‘ version of Palawan with its crystal clear waters, amazing underwater teasures, and aquatic wildlife. Isla Verde is also popular as a diving spot for both tourists and locals and can be visited from either the Batangas port, or Mindoro, where Puerto Galera is — another popular beach. Despite the island gaining popularity, it still looks unspoiled since it is in the middle of two popular beach locations.

Some things to remember when going to Isla Verde:

  • Only one boat from the Batangas port departs for Isla Verde per day. It leaves every 8 AM and could be earlier if the boat gets full. The trip costs around Php 100 per way.
  • There are no ATMs on the island so it’s best to bring sufficient cash before going.
  • The trip back to Batangas is at every 3AM so make sure to wake up early or get ready to stay for another day.


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