A Paradise for the Creative Soul

Enter into a paradise for your creative soul. That’s exactly how we would describe The Book Bar At The Warehouse: A Fundraising Event held at Warehouse Eight in the La-Fuerza Plaza in Makati City.

“A breakout space for deep dialogues, learning, and a quiet cup of coffee fits,” says the owners of Warehouse Eight about the vibe of La Fuerza compound. “We’re giving a home to an idea we believe in and will help her bring it to life.” and this is why they partnered with indie book bar, Kwago.© Warehouse Eight

The event started at 1PM and ended at around 9PM. We got to the venue at 7PM and the event was just full of life and creative passion. A plethora of books awaits the moment you pass through the entrance doors. Ranging from familiar fiction titles like “A Clash of Kings” from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series to self-help books like “Facebook Advertising for Dummies” —  these are all the books that you can choose to read or take home from when you step into their homey interior. There are also some awesome stamps that you can get totally for free.© Ming Lagman

As we walked up the second floor, we were greeted with lively music coming from vinyl records and a large, intimately gathered crowd, sharing hellos, smiles, laughs, stories, and of course, poems. Our group went up to the bar where we were met with a menu inspired by pure literary genius.
© Ming Lagman

Each of us ordered with our own favorite quotes while one of us were delighted that one of their favorite authors, Ernest Hemingway, was part of the menu. Some of the quotes we gave were “Death is but the next great adventure.” from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and “God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.” from Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.© Ming Lagman

From experience, we can all tell you that the drinks were all so good. Just so good. People also shared their own creations like red velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. It was a fun night of building real connections with new people.© Ming Lagman

We capped the night off by greeting more people and checking out other books from the lower floor, some of which we actually decided to purchase. It was just a wonderful thought that all of our purchases are going into building a book bar permanently at Warehouse Eight to turn it into a true escape for all creatives in the center of the metro.
Though we weren’t able to make it to the second night of the event, we’re pretty sure it would’ve been just as awesome and the experience, just as wonderful.


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