A Weekend of Songs and Poems: Book Bar at the Warehouse

If you happen to be visiting Metro Manila this weekend, or just have nothing planned yet then we’ve got a solution for you: a weekend of literature in the form of songs and poetry, bundled up with drinks inspired by your favorite literary fiction, sounds cool right? We’re going too!

Located at Warehouse Eight and partnered with Kwago, the event aims to raise funds to build a literary escape and community-based space for curious creatives where the Filipino small and specialty press can exhibit and sell their work as well as turn it into a literary playground located at the La Fuerza compound.

“Literature, coffee, and a good conversation – this is what the book bar offers in three words.” Said Czyka Tumaliuan, Kwago’s “Chief Librarian”.

A breakout space for deep dialogues, learning, and a quiet cup of coffee fits,” says the owners of Warehouse Eight about the vibe of La Fuerza compound. “We’re giving a home to an idea we believe in and will help her bring it to life.

If you’ve got some books stashed away, you can also bring them over and donate them, as well as anything you think might be useful for the construction of the book bar such as furniture, artwork, or really anything you can think of. This is to support one of Kwago’s core values: to unschool, which is further defined by Tumaliuan as “We want to share new ways to experience and understand literature so it can be accessed and appreciated by the younger crowd.”

They’ve also partnered up with YDG Coffee and Philippine Craft Kings for their bar and Birch Five for awesome food that’s inspired by comics and other stories. Want to know the best part of it all? Entrance is free! Here’s what’s in store for you when you go:

January 27 (Saturday) – Drunken Poetry Open Mic Night
Read a poem, take a free shot! Sounds like a great deal right? Get those feels ready and let them all flow out this Saturday. If that wasn’t enough, they also have some awesome poets ready to tug at your heartstrings.


  • Crystal Claire
  • Franchesca Casauay
  • Miguel Espiritu
  • Obie Obias
  • Peep Warren
  • Paolo Rodriguez
  • Sofia Paderes
  • Vyxz Vasquez
  • And more!

January 28 (Sunday) Echoes at the Warehouse, Musicians as Storytellers
Listen to amazing artists with their own compositions as they tell their stories through song. If you’re up to discovering new sounds, then this should be perfect for that eargasm you’re looking for.


The event starts at 1PM until 9PM so even if you’ve got something planned for your late night weekend crawl, you can still give the event a go. Learn more about this event by checking out their event page here.

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