5 Climbs You Need To Try To Lose The Holiday Weight

Time to keep your New Year’s Resolutions folks. Kahit ngayong January lang.

It’s the New Year, you’ve packed on some extra pounds courtesy of mom’s special ham or spaghetti recipe from your Noche Buena and now that it’s time to go back to work or school, you want to shed that holiday weight. If this sounds like you and you want to start the year by traveling as well then we’ve got the solution for you — hike! Whether you’re a newbie or have been doing climbs for a while, hiking is just perfect for those who want to lose some weight with the reward of a fantastic view after the climb. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the first quarter of the year, which is the perfect season for climbing trails. Check out some climbs that you can do to start your year off:

Mt. Pico De Loro – Ternate, Cavite

Photo by: @thebittermanproject

One of the more popular destinations for Philippine mountaineers, the highest peak in Cavite which is also called the “Parrot’s Peak”. If you’re game for seeing some monkeys scavenge their surroundings for breakfast, then you should get here really early. This three-hour hike is beginner-friendly and getting to the top gives you a majestic view of over the fields of Cavite and the South China Sea sprawling over the horizon. A photo with the monolith at the peak of Pico De Loro is also an Instagram trophy for all successful climbers.

Mt. Maculot – Cuenca, Batangas

Photo by: @thebeeventures

Another extremely popular destination that’s just an hour away from the metro. Located in the heart of Batangas, it’s considered as a landmark for both locals and travelers, and the most scenic location to see Taal Lake. The mountain is also a mystery to many as there are rumors of it being enchanted which instills even more excitement among visiting mountain enthusiasts. The climb will surely have you losing some calories as it requires some endurance with a never-ending trail. There are also some stores along the way where you can buy supplies such as snacks and drinks. There are three destinations on this hike: the Rockies, the summit, and the Grotto.

Mt. Daraitan – Tanay, Rizal

Photo by: @letsgoseco

A not-so-hidden gem within the great Sierra Madre mountain range, Mt. Daraitan which lies near the border of General Nakar, Quezon and Tanay, Rizal has become another favorite climb for mountaineers with its majestic view of Sierra Madre and the beautiful Tinipak River. Travel to Tanay, Rizal would take at most 3 hours from the metro and boy the trip is definitely worth it. Watch a sea of clouds embrace the magnificent mountain range with a nice swim in the river right after the climb. Definitely something you should put in your books.

Mt. Daguldol – San Juan, Batangas

Photo by: @tiago.fred

Conveniently located in San Juan, Batangas, Mt. Daguldol is another popular climb frequented by both mountaineers and beach lovers. This is because of the scenic view of the beach which can be seen as you trek the mountain’s trail which is covered in light forests and woodlands. The peak’s grasslands will make you want to just sit on the floor and have a nice picnic with a lovely view and seaside breeze – but we’re not doing that since we’re climbing to lose weight, remember? Kidding aside, this mountain is perfect for those who want a chill climb and of course, a beach trip on the side at another popular destination, the beaches of Laiya, Batangas.

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