Tutorial: Collections in Maqotana

When it’s travel that we’re talking about, lists are almost always invaluable. You might find yourself checking out articles like “Top 5 Diving Spots for 2018,” celebrating your birthday by creating a bucket list of must-see destinations around the world, or jotting down to-do items for your upcoming vacation. Lists just help, whatever kind they are–probably because travel involves sifting through so much new information and experiences that you have to find a way of not getting overwhelmed.

Collections are one of the features that makes Maqotana unique as a travel curation platform. It’s interactive: beyond reading through the content, you can create your own lists too, with additional functionalities such as map navigation and notes.

To help you get started, we’ve put together mini-tutorials about what you can do with collections. Sign up for an account, and let’s dig in:

Create a Collection

1. Here are a couple of ways to access your personal collections:

If you’re already at your dashboard, click the Collections tab


Otherwise, select Menu at the left side of the page, then go to My Collections

2. You will see a blank square with the label Create Collection. Click on the orange + button to customize your new collection.

3. This will prompt a dialog box named Create Collection. Fill in your collection name, then choose whether to classify it as Public or Secret. Public collections can be seen by everyone, while Secret collections are restricted to you. Once you’re done, click Save.

Great, you’ve created your first collection! It doesn’t have any items yet, so let’s move on to personalizing it.

Shortcut: You can also go to the Collections section on the main menu. Beside the section title of All Collections, click Create your own collection, and you’ll end up at the dialog box of Step 3.

Add an Item

You can choose to manually add items to your collection, or browse through existing public collections and places to import them. Items can be places, other collections, and even notes.

The Manual Method

1. Go to your personal Collections tab and select the collection that you want to add items to.

2. Click Edit. You will be taken to a new page called Edit Collection. By default, the Items tab will be selected. Click the + button to start adding items.

3. You will be given three options: Add a Place, Add Any Text, or Add Collection.

⋅ For Add a Place, you type in the name of a place. If it’s in the Maqotana database (we have more than 5000 saved destinations, so it’s likely to be there!), the place can be added to your collection.

⋅ For Add Any Text, you can jot down whatever you want in the text box provided. This is useful for writing down notes, creating itineraries, or even journalling when looking back on a trip.

⋅ For Add Collection, you input the name of the collection that you’re interested in, or go with keywords like “beaches” or “South Cotabato” to see recommendations of related collections. This will import the entire selected collection (including all of its items) into your own collection.

Choose the option that you’re interested in, fill in the fields, and click the + button once more to add the item.

You will be redirected back to your collection, which already contains the new item.

The Browse Collections Method

1. Go to the Collections tab of the main menu, and select a collection that you’re interested in. You can click the See All button below each section to find more options.  

2. This will lead you to a page detailing all of the items in the collection. Click the + Collection button below an item to add it to your own collection.

3. In the Save to Collection dialog box, create a new collection for the item by following the previous tutorial, or choose from your previous collections by clicking the Save icon beside the collection. You can save the same item in more than one collection.

The Browse Places Method

1. Click the Search icon at the far right side of the Maqotana page.



2. Enter the place that you’re interested in, and select any of the search recommendations. This will take you to the specific page for that place.


3. Below the place description, you will find a small Save This menu. Click + collection and follow Step 3 from the Browse Collections method.

Remove an Item

1. Go to your personal Collections tab and select the collection you want to remove an item from.


2. This will lead you to that specific collection’s page. Click the Edit button right below the collection title to go to the Edit Collections page, which will show you all of the items in your collection.

3. Hover your cursor over the item that you want to remove. A Trash icon will appear to the right of the item. Upon clicking the icon, a dialog box will appear, asking you to confirm removal of the item. Click Yes, Remove It! to finalize deleting.

Edit an Item

The editing functionality applies only to text items in your collection. Places and imported collections can be added and deleted, but not edited.

The steps are similar to removing an item:

1. Go to your personal Collections tab and select the collection with an item that you want to edit.

2. This will lead you to that specific collection’s page. Click the Edit button right below the collection title to go to the Edit Collections page, which will show you all of the items in your collection.

3. You’ll notice that each text item has an additional Edit link right below. When you click the link, a text box with your current text will appear. Edit this accordingly, then click Save.

For your convenience, you can rearrange items in your collection by dragging them up or down.

Turn Your Collection Into a Checklist

Collections are so versatile that you can go for a power-up and turn them into checklists! Here’s how:

1. Go to your personal Collections tab and select the collection that you want to convert to a checklist.

2. This will lead you to that specific collection’s page. Click the Convert to a Checklist button right below the collection title. This will automatically add checkboxes to each item on your list.

Tip: If you change your mind and want to turn it back to a simple list, the fix is just as easy–click the Undo Checklist button from the same menu, and voila, the checkboxes will disappear.

Copy Somebody Else’s Collection

This is different from importing someone’s collection as an item inside your own collection. To do that, refer back to the Add an Item tutorial. Copying somebody else’s collection means it shows up as a separate, brand-new collection in your account.

1. Go to the Collections tab and select the collection that you want to copy.

2. This will take you to the individual page for that collection. Click the Copy button on the menu right below the title.

The collection will show up on your personal Collections tab, and you’re free to edit it as much as you want.

Tip: You can also make a copy of your own collection using the same steps.

Share a Collection

Feel free to post collections on social media or send them to friends for your upcoming trip! Sharing a collection is intuitive and easy:

1. If it’s your own, you can find your collections on your personal Collections tab. If it’s somebody else’s, head over to the public Collections tab under the main menu. Select the collection that you want to share.

2. At the far right, you’ll see a small sidebar with various icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, and Google Plus. Click on your desired social media platform to share away. If you only want the link, you can also click on any of icons and extract the link from the pop-up, then send it independently.

You can only share public collections. If you have a secret collection that you’d like to share,  this is how you can convert it to public:

1. Select the collection to go to its individual page.



2. Click the Edit button below the title.


3. The Items tab, showing all of the items in your collection, will be active by default. Switch to the Info tab next to it. If your collection is classified as secret, you’ll notice a padlock icon next to the tab.

4. The Info tab contains basic information about your collection: Title, Description, and Privacy. For secret collections, Privacy will be turned On. Click on the button to toggle it to Off.

Your collection is now public and ready for sharing!

Bookmark a Collection

Bookmarks allow you to stash items and even collections for later viewing.

Bookmark a Collection

1. Go to the public Collections tab and select the collection that you want to bookmark.

2. You will be taken to the individual page of the collection. Click Bookmark on the menu below the collection title.




3. The collection will be saved automatically to your account.

Bookmark an Item in a Collection

1. Go to the collection that you want to bookmark. To access somebody else’s collection, go to the public Collections tab and select the collection that you want to bookmark. To access your own collection, go to Menu on the upper left side of the page and select My Collections.


2. Once you choose a specific collection, you will be able to view a list of all its items through its individual page. Each item will have a menu below it, with a Bookmark button. Click Bookmark to save the item.

View your Bookmarks

Your bookmarks will automatically appear in your personal Bookmarks tab.

To access it, go to Menu on the upper left side of the page and select Bookmarks. Alternatively, go to the same Menu, select Dashboard, and switch to the Bookmarks tab.

Track the Places you’ve Been to

Here’s an additional functionality: you can track places you’ve been to with one click and see how much of the Philippines you’ve explored!

1. Select a collection to be taken to its individual page, which details all of its items or destinations.

2. If it’s a checklist, you can simply check a destination, and it will automatically be added to your list of visited places. For normal lists, click the Been Here button right below the destination.

3. The destination will be added to your list of visited places. You can check this out by selecting Menu at the upper left side of the page and going to Visited Places. Another way is to go to the same Menu, click Dashboard, and switch to the Visited Places tab.

4. Your Visited Places tab contains a list of the destinations that you’ve clicked the Been Here button for. We’ve also prepared a personalized map of the Philippines for you, with your visited provinces highlighted in orange. Get the entire map to light up, and we’ll be super proud of you for having gone to all 81 provinces!

Get Map Directions

If you’re planning to use your collection as an itinerary, here’s a benefit: you can automatically get map directions for every place in your collection. Arrange them in order, and Maqotana will prepare end-to-end directions for you–great to have for road trips where you’d rather enjoy the view rather than fiddling around with maps or Google Search.

1. Go to the collection that you want map directions for. At the individual page of the collection, make sure that all of the items are in proper order. To rearrange, click Edit in the menu below the title and simply drag items up or down.

2. Once you’re sure about the order of the items, go back to the collection page and click Map Directions in the same menu. This will show you a map that contains pins for all of your destinations. Below the map, you’ll see a list of your place items and their addresses.

3. Click on the link named View Google Map Directions above the list. You will get redirected to Google Maps, with all of the places in your itinerary already plotted out to give you a trail as well as a travel time estimate.

Imagine having ten items in your itinerary and trying to figure out the directions manually–doesn’t sound very fun, does it? The Get Map Directions tool removes all of the grunt work and automates it for you.

We’re Here For You

If you have questions or feedback, or if you’re not sure how something works, click the Envelope icon below and send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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