4 Best Places To Go To This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s the season for shopping, eating, and spending time with your loved ones. The only way you can do all of these at once is – you guessed it – traveling! You’re probably asking “Where do I go this holiday season?” Well, it’s time to put those leave credits to good use as we give you our list of top places to visit during the manic holiday season.

1. Indulge in some Negrense goodies in Bacolod, Negros Occidental

They don’t call Bacolod the City of Smiles for nothing. Here you’ll find the best example of the Filipino hospitality, and some of the best-tasting food the Philippines can offer. Be sure to come here with an empty bag as you’ll have your bags (and yourself) stuffed by the time you’re ready to go. Have you tried out the Chicken Inasal in its full authentic glory? There’s nowhere else to do that except Bacolod! The desserts and homemade delicacies are to die for too. Remember when we said to bring an empty bag? You’ll definitely want to take home some sweet-sweet “pasalubong” for your fam or to treat yourself when you’re feeling the holiday blues. Last, you’ll want to visit the iconic Miniature Christmas Village by artist Bamboo Tonogbanua.

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2. Experience winter in the tropics at Baguio

Sorry to disappoint but the Philippines still is a tropical country so, no snow for us (boo-hoo) but if you want that cold wintry breeze, you’ll definitely want to climb up to Baguio. Even without the snow though, temperatures in Baguio have been recorded to reach 8.1 °C which in Philippine-standard is very, very cold. The best thing about going to Baguio during the holidays aside from the weather is going shopping. You’ll get the best deals you’ll ever find in the Baguio Night Market where a wide variety of whatever you can think of is displayed on the streets as you fight for the title of best haggler with other tourists and locals as well. A true holiday shopping experience indeed!

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3. Davao-and-chill

If you want to spend your holidays just relaxing in peace and away from big festivities, Davao is the place to go. You can take a quick trip around the city and visit the majestic Philippine Eagle and the nearby nature theme park Malagos Garden Resort. From there you can relax at the famous Hagimit Falls or just bask in the beauty of nature at the Tagbaobo Ecotourism Site. Of course we wouldn’t call it chill holiday without spending a day at the stunning beaches of Davao. The beaches of Samal Island are to die for, with picturesque white sand and marine resources, this is a place where you can get your Instagram-worthy pics and probably a new display pic for your Facebook profile too!

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4. Be one with the stars in Pampanga

It doesn’t get more festive than what the Kapampangan have in store during the holidays. A visit to Pampanga on the Saturday before Christmas Eve ensures you a ticket to see the Giant Lantern Festival that they hold as an annual affair. Get bedazzled as the Filipino innovation and creativity combine to bring you these beautiful festive lanterns. Every year the lanterns just get more and more creative, adorned with more than 5,000 colored lights and some made of plastic, wood, or fiberglass. You name it, and it’s probably already been done! This is one festivity you wouldn’t want to miss. After all, this is the reason why San Fernando, Pampanga was named the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

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