Neptune Manila: A Waterpark EDM Fest for Summer 2018

A new music festival is on its way this summer. Get ready to have a good time–in more ways than one–at Neptune Manila, where the well-rounded EDM lineup guarantees several hours of dancing. Here’s an added twist that’s perfect for the season: the venue will be Splash Island, the biggest waterpark in the Philippines. Not only do you get to bliss out to beats from some of the best local DJs, you can also brave the water for double the fun.

Neptune will be held at the end of the month, on April 28, 2018 from 5 PM to 1 AM. Its diverse set of artists is mostly made up of homegrown talent–a testament to the thriving EDM scene in the country–as well as two international DJs. Rising rookies, seasoned performers, innovators and producers–you’ll find them all in the lineup, which features: Axell Lozano, MC JL from Manila Hypin, Funk Avy, DJ Paul Garcia, DJ Brenz Munoz, DJ Cha Panganiban III, DJ Dash Calzado, DJ Xtin Almaden, Joji Anne, MC Khel from Manila Hypin, DJ Steal, and DJ Yuu Fukazawa and MC Dice from Japan.

To buy tickets, you can head on over to EventBrite and pay online or via bank deposit; we’ve also included the organizer’s contact details at the bottom of this article for inquiries. Each ticket costs P600, automatically including an all day pass to Splash Island, with full use of amenities for both the entire day, up until the event night.

Splash Island, the festival venue and the biggest waterpark in the country.

The focus, then, isn’t solely on the music. Produced and organized by AAInnovation–a joint venture between Axell Entertainment and ACZ Printing and Digital Services–Neptune Manila is designed to have a gentle lead-in, such that before the official start, you’re already relaxed and in good spirits, having unwinded with friends or family over the thrills of a water park. Dance groups will serve as the opening act, to give a taste of the more adrenaline-filled partying later, and singers will also be there as the night intensifies.

“It’s more of a party for everybody. People deserve to enjoy, especially since it’s summer,” Andy Zabala, the Event Chair and Partner at AAInnovation, muses.

At its core, Neptune seeks to highlight the music festival experience, taking the local love for EDM a notch higher. Place, ambience, and other details are considered just as much as the music. In turn, you can’t listen to music passively here: there’s less of a divide between performer and audience, and ultimately, you’re compelled to react to the music, to dance to it, to experience it.

Annie Louise Zabala, who’s part of Event Coordination at AAInnovation, explains: “It’s not something that you’re only watching. The vibe is feeling the music that’s actually playing, savoring the beat, every sound that’s produced.”

Aside from promoting the local EMD scene, the festival is also organized in collaboration with independent artists from different fields.

As the first of its kind locally, this is one summer party you wouldn’t want to miss–buy your tickets now before they run out, and stay tuned for updates on Neptune’s Facebook page!

Neptune Manila

Event Details

When: April 28, 2018 | 5 PM to 1 AM
Where: Splash Island, South Luzon Expressway, Biñan, Laguna


Contact Nos: 0939-182-1232; 0945-493-4085

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