New Horizons, New Locations for the Fresh Graduates

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Graduation, that special moment every student is waiting for — and has worked extremely hard to achieve. That moment where they can finally step out into the real world and experience a plethora of new things. Before taking that leap into the new world that you’re about to enter, our comprehensive travel guide lets you discover some amazing hidden gems around the Philippines to visit and reflect as you prepare to enter a new chapter of your lives. Fresh grads, it’s time to do some soul-searching.

Sila Beach — Northern Samar

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That feeling of the warm summer breeze blowing through your hair while listening to the quiet waves of contrasting blue and pink crash peacefully onto the shore as you stare out into the summer sky.

Sila Beach located in Sila Island of Northern Samar offers exactly that. Let your worries and fears be taken away by the beautiful waters of Sila Beach and just relax. This is a perfect place for those fresh graduates and their friends who are looking to celebrate their victory together in an intimate beach where they can just be by themselves before finally setting off into journeys of their own. Check our other features on Pink Beaches here.

Tarak Ridge — Bataan

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Standing more than a thousand feet off the ground is truly a wonderful feeling, almost as wonderful as finally standing on that stage to get your diploma. If you’re into more physical activities with your friends then the Tarak Ridge hike in Bataan would surely fit the bill.

While the hike can be completed during a day hike, for the best experience, mountaineers recommend making this into a 2-day hike and camping overnight amongst nature. Share this experience with your school buddies and cherish the prize of this climb for years to come. Check out our collection on Bataan for more places to visit while you’re there.

Panas Falls — Davao Del Norte

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A hidden nirvana. Situated deep within the lush mountains of New Corella in Davao Del Norte can you find, Panas Falls. A true work of nature, here you can just enjoy the unspoiled streams of this secluded beauty.

Just imagine basking in the cold downstream coming from multi-tiered watercourses while being surrounded by the verdant canopy of the forest trees being the only thing standing between you and the scorching summer sun. A marvelous escape before the big leap into the professional life. For more destinations to visit while in Davao Del Norte, check out our comprehensive travel guide here.

Apo Whang-Od — Kalinga

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While the locally renowned and the last and oldest of the mambabatoks is not really a location, getting a tattoo from Apo Whang-Od is definitely a goal for many, and getting one to remember your graduation will surely make the whole experienced etched in your mind and now on your body too — and the trip to visit her village is also one of the most scenic routes you’ll ever find. Travelling to Buscalan, Kalinga may seem like a very long and tiring trip but, like our time in school, it is definitely all worth it.

New and unfamiliar roads can always be scary, but it is with the best of friends and family that we overcome that fear and make the experience truly worthwhile. The beauty in the unknown is that we’ll never know just what we’ll find. Congratulations on finishing your journey and getting started on a new one!

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