Travel Destinations You Can Visit During the Rainy Season


When the weather forecast says that it’s going to rain, it doesn’t mean that you have to scrap your plans of basking in the outdoors and visiting the waterfalls, beaches, and parks on your itinerary. Assuming that it’s closer to a drizzle than a storm–as is common during these months–you can actually get more out of your experience and enjoy the intensified colors brought about by rain. Check out these travel destinations all over the Philippines for your next trip:

Seven Falls of Lake Sebu


Photo Credit: Senyorita

Location: Barangay Lake Lahit, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Waterfalls are a magnificent force of nature, and this gets heightened during the rain, when the current runs more strongly and mist rises all around to give a captivating, mystical ambience. The Seven Falls of Lake Sebu is among the top destinations in South Cotabato. It is exactly what it sounds like: water from Lake Sebu shaped by the landscape and then flowing down into seven waterfalls, framed by a thick rainforest. For the viewing pleasure of the public, the site includes one of the highest ziplines in Asia, from which you can have a more intimate look at some of the waterfalls while you’re speeding through hundreds of meters.

Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay

Photo Credit: The Other Side of Min

Location: Camp John Hay, Loakan Road, Baguio City

For a double dose of coldness, visit Baguio during the rainy season. Camp John Hay is a classic go-to, seemingly destined to be a place of relaxation from the start–it was built for the recreation of American soldiers–and the simplicity remains charming, even as it has slowly transformed into a compound with hotels and shopping centers. Walk through roads and trails surrounded by pine trees and feel invigorated by their scent combining with petrichor, the so-called scent of rain. If the downpour becomes too much, you can always duck inside Starbucks or grab a hot meal at any of the establishments nearby.

Puning Hot Springs

Puning hot spring

Photo Credit: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Location: Barangay Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga, Porac, Pampanga

A warm bath feels positively blissful on cold days. Hot springs? Even better, although nowhere near as accessible! The Hot Springs of Puning are especially remarkable because they’re nestled at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo, one of the country’s most infamous volcanoes. Equipped with eight hot pools and one cold, the water in most of these can be scalding hot at first, as these are warmed directly by the volcano. Visitors can move on to a spa-reminiscent station where they get to lie down amidst volcanic sands, which are said to refresh the skin and invigorate their systems through sweating.

Yuchengco Museum

Yuchengco museu

Photo Credit: Angelo the Explorer

Location: RCBC Plaza, Corner Ayala Avenue and Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati, Metro Manila

Despite its urban grittiness, Manila is home to several museums. Yuchengco Museum, located at the business district in Makati, stands out because of the Filipino-Chinese slant of some of its artworks, which come from the private collection of Alfredo Yuchengco, a diplomat and businessman. All in all, it showcases art from the 17th century up to the present, with masterpieces from both modernists and classical artists such as Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo, as well as Jose Rizal-related memorabilia (including his love letters!).

White Water Rafting

White water rafting

Photo Credit: The Daily Dipolognon

Location: Cagayan de Oro

As long as the weather isn’t exceptionally vicious (and there’s no typhoon approaching), you can still have go for an adrenaline-filled adventure by trying white water rafting along the Cagayan River. Be prepared, though, for an extra challenge–the current will be stronger, and you’d have to watch out for the rare dislodged rock that might float your way. It definitely ups the thrill factor. You can choose the level that you’re comfortable with, from beginner to advanced, and enjoy the rapids while surrounded by a lush view of waterfalls, limestone cliffs, and trees.

Bagasbas Beach

Bagasbas beach

Photo Credit: The Pinoy Traveler

Location: Daet, Camarines Norte

One way to avoid scorching hot sands and sunburn is to visit the beach when it’s lightly raining. Bagasbas Beach at Daet, Camarines Norte, is flocked to by local families, but it continues to be a hidden gem that travelers can escape to for a quieter, more peaceful stay compared to crowded, commercialized beaches. Famous for its sunrise, the beach’s gentle waves are ideal for beginner surfers, and you can even witness fresh fish being hauled in at the start of the day. Conveniently, a strip of restaurants and bars lies around ten minutes away, with many remaining open past midnight.