Jodie Pajaro

Jodie Pajaro

Jodie Pajaro

Cabin Crew

Getting paid while traveling the world. Now that sounds like a dream, isn't it? For cabin crew Jodie Pajaro, that dream became her reality - she gets to enjoy the world while working her dream profession as a cabin crew.

Jodie used to work for Philippine Airlines (PAL) before the pandemic drove flights to a hiatus. She's a frequent visitor to the land of the free, US, and the city of love, Paris. She's married to a pilot, and they were blessed with two wonderful kids.

She's turned to baking in the meantime as a hobby and a means to earn for her family. But she never loses hope that someday, she'll get to fly again. And when that happens, she won't think twice about getting back with her crewmates.


The Cloud-Nine Career: What's It Like to Be a Cabin Crew?

"To be honest, dream job talaga. More pros than cons," Jodie says. "Pag umalis ka ng bahay ng walang laman wallet mo, okay lang." If you're living a minimalist lifestyle, you could really save a lot from your salary as a cabin crew.

To be honest, dream job talaga. More pros than cons. Pag umalis ka ng bahay ng walang laman wallet mo, okay lang.

Aside from the per diem allowance perk, Jodie shared that the airline provides transportation for their crew so they won't worry about commuting to and from work.

If you've ever dreamed of being a flight attendant in the Philippines, you'll also be enjoying more wonderful perks such as:

  • First-class hotel accommodation at domestic and international stations
  • Transportation allowance (or free pick-up from/to residence)
  • Free meals in-flight and on-ground
  • Crew shuttle to/from airport
  • Thermal clothing allowance (twice a year)
  • Shoe allowance (twice a year)
  • Uniform allowance (every 18 months)
  • Suitcase (replaced every 2 years)
  • Complete medical and dental coverage for cabin crew and their qualified dependents
  • 13th & 14th-month pay
  • Unused days off converted to cash
  • Unused sick leave converted to cash
  • Perfect attendance award – equivalent to one month pay + per diem
  • Retirement benefits – 1.5 month for every year of service

Source: PAL Facebook page

People working in airlines get to complete their travel bucket list during their free time. "For example, long haul flight like us, may at least 24 hrs kami duon [for leisure travel]," she explained.

The airline usually provides food allowances for their crew if not on a per diem basis, which they use to fund their travel activities. Now that's one clever thrift hack, eh?

Even if you're not a born vagabond, you really can't resist enjoying your leisure time in the company of different land and culture, especially if it's your first time visiting that country or place.

Jodie also shared that sometimes, her crewmates take the time to bond with their relatives working or living in the area. They usually visit them at their hotel rooms, sharing hellos and how-are-yous and laughter in-between.

Airline crews who have been in the service for a good number of years also get tickets to fly business-class style. For Jodie though, she gets more travel perks since her husband is in the same industry.


Travel Tips

Be mindful of your belongings while traveling here. One of my fellow crew lost her Rolex watch after the X-ray check when she visited the Statue of Liberty.

Check out the street foods here. Everything is cheap!

Perfect for those who want a laid-back nature tripping. It's one of my fave destinations!