Kharissa Lim

Kharissa Lim

Kharissa Lim

Former Marketing/Brand Manager

Imagine this: you get to travel the world both for work and for leisure. All you have to do is to fulfill your responsibilities, and you're good to go exploring anywhere, anytime you want!

And if that's not enticing enough for you, imagine someone paying for all your trip's expenses. You get paid to fulfill your job and travel overseas while gathering beautiful memories on the road.

We're not talking about cabin crews this time. We're referring to the lucky ones who have "traveling" hooked into their job descriptions. Those people like our traveler in the spotlight today, Kharissa Lim! 


I've Been Around the World: The Story of the Professional that Travels

Kharissa used to work for an international school in New Zealand and Malaysia as a regional marketing and brand manager. She covered the areas in Southeast Asia and South Asia during her time.

Being a social butterfly had led her to the dreamy career that she had, which also allowed her to travel freely. "I love being with interesting people. I excel more in a fast-paced environment, so I decided to look for a job that will give me the experience for free. Getting the job itself was an amazing experience already considering my background (I'm a BSN graduate!), " she explained.

She traveled all over the world to train clients (companies who promote their school) and educate them about the programs they offer for students. She takes care of the planning, strategy, market research, and training materials they use for their international clients. 

Her work usually brought her to the lands of Southeast Asia and India. Mostly, she travels by herself, but there are moments too when she has traveled together with her colleagues. 

But it's not just her work that pushed her to pursue her vagabond spirit. "Traveling refuels my soul. I get to know myself better. I get the chance to learn about different cultures, people's personalities, and life experiences. The fact that my company paid for my trips is just a bonus lol."

Kharissa's most memorable travel experience involved her recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Both hotels they were staying at upgraded them to an HKD-9100-a-night suite room for four days (Macau) and three-nights suite room in Hongkong. 

"You wouldn't really wanna go out. They'd give you all the complimentary wines, drinks, and premium chocolates. Once-in-a-lifetime treat!" she shared with delight.  

A Greater Calling That Changed Kharissa's Travel Lifestyle

Kharissa's traveling experiences may have been one for the books, but she found a greater calling as a full-time mother. "I already resigned from the job to take care of my daughter with autism. She's doing fine, but I felt like she needed me more than I needed my job."

That didn't stop her from exploring the wonders of the world, though. Now that she has more free time with her family, she uses the opportunity to experience the world with them. 

"We travel every month of May because it's my husband's and daughter's birth month. When this pandemic's over, I'm looking forward to going out and traveling again with my family. Hopefully, I'll get to see the northern lights with them in another 1 - 4 years!"


Travel Tip!

Being someone who enjoyed all-expenses-paid trips, Kharissa has one tip to enjoy a luxury experience during your travels:

  • A five-star hotel is a must if you want to have a good time. Hyatt, Shangri-La, Eros Hotel in New Delhi, Parisian Hotel - these are the best ones in the world! If you've got the budget to spare, treat yourself to five-star accommodation.

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